Our Mission is to provide the IoT innovator and early adopter community with a single information resource that is focused solely on putting the Internet of Things to work

Our Vision is to help the community to compress the time-to-value curve for successful IoT project execution

Our Purpose is to bring buyers, sellers, and integrators together so that viable IoT solutions can be designed, developed and deployed

Our Approach is to uncover, evaluate and filter the most useful and actionable IoT content and source it in one place to address the information and educational needs of IoT technology buyers

Our Three Content Components

  1. What:  We hand-select the most valuable industry news, events, and announcements from IoT vendors, market makers, and thought leaders
  2. Why:  We curate the most actionable IoT research, trends and use cases—and augment their value by attaching our expert point of view  (POV)
  3. How-To:  We showcase and promote early-stage, educational content from leading IoT vendors, solution providers, and systems integrators

Our Six Content Pillars

  1. End Points – things, autos, homes, connected devices
  2. Communications – service providers, gateways, infrastructure
  3. Security – application, endpoint, network, threat detection
  4. Business Intelligence – analytics, big data, edge/fog computing
  5. Applications – business, consumer, education, government
  6. Services – IoTaaS, cloud, consulting, research, M&A activity

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