To no one’s surprise, there has been a lot written lately about how technology solutions are being deployed to fight the impact of the pandemic since it has hit. In this regard, Intel has published a new eBook that shares their outlook and provides perspective on how intelligent and automated technologies can help in reducing the effects of COVID-19. In the eBook it is evident that the IoT is playing a foundational role in empowering the emerging technologies that will assist in creating a safer and healthier world. The following article does a terrific job of detailing the value that these technologies are bringing to mitigate the pandemic’s impact.

Businesses, government leaders, solutions integrators, and smart city managers all across the globe are spending time imagining the changes that are coming and what the new world order will look like. We have already seen the impact of the fast-spreading pandemic on our work, health, social interactions, and travels, and leaders in every segment seem to agree that we will not return to pre-pandemic ways anytime soon. What they foresee for us largely depends on their areas of expertise.

Intel’s expertise is technology, and the company’s thought leaders have weighed in on their vision in the recently released eBook, COVID-19: Reimaging Life in a Post-Pandemic World. The in-depth technology response guide was written with help from Harbor Research, and it highlights:

  • COVID-19 facts and figures as they stand in mid-May 2020;
  • Current needs to keep cities, business, and individuals safe and healthy;
  • Existing and new smart technologies that can help us move forward safely;
  • 25 Intel partner solutions that address current COVID-19 challenges.

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