Getting a jump start on creating a smart building might be easier than originally thought. While smart buildings are designed with technology at their core, its how the technology actually gets implemented that can make an all the difference. There are some very rudimentary steps that can be taken rather quickly to accelerate the transformation to “smart”. IoT Sources found five projects that can be undertaken in most instances right away. These five smart building projects can assist building operations and management personnel improve occupant comfort and convenience, while improving overall physical and cyber security as well.

There isn’t one distinct thing a building can change to become “smart.” Each building and its occupants are unique and require a unique approach. However, many times occupants and owners can feel the difference intuitively when working in a smart building.

The benefit of having a smart building is hard to value, and sometimes the best way to understand that value is to make the leap and implement low-capital cost, non-invasive projects that provide small yet potent improvements. Gathering these quick wins can help sell and lead into bigger endeavors. I’ll list my top 5 IoT projects to give your building a higher education.

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