The world’s food supply is becoming safer by the day. With the help of the IoT, the supply chain not only improves in safety and in quality, but continues to grow as well. It is no accident that perishables are being kept safer and healthier for longer longer periods of time, as they are reaching distribution channels and consumer markets much more rapidly. The article that follows describes in detail five different ways the food industry can improve food safety by employing IoT-based technology.

The internet of things (IoT) and big-data technologies are transforming the way that we see and interact with the world. As we collect more data, we are learning more about the world around us. In business, this equates to learning more about the current landscape by discerning things like customer behaviors, market trends, new venture opportunities and much more.

The food and beverage industry is no exception, seeing vast improvements in the supply chain specifically. The IoT is making it possible to keep goods safer and healthier as they move from party to party, which prevents the spread of foodborne illness and also improves the overall customer experience.

Here are of the more prominent ways that IoT devices and technologies can enhance the food industry:

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