At IoT Sources we remain constantly on the lookout for use cases where the IoT is actually being put to work. The following article, while it doesn’t cite use cases, does an excellent job of showcasing six different IoT applications designed specifically with the intention of helping the agricultural community meet their needs. These applications support what we have been saying all along about how horizontal technology is being displaced by vertical IoT-based technology that improves efficiency, reduces cost and/or increases productivity – and is industry specific. Furthermore, you’ll note that these applications are being designed and delivered by grass roots IoT start-ups, and not traditional horizontal technology players. 

Alpha Brown, a research firm that specializes in agriculture, estimates that between 10 percent and 15 percent of farmers use some sort of IoT in agriculture solutions, spending nearly $1 billion, according to AgFunder News. In other words, there’s lots of market penetration potential. Top-funded agtech startupslike Farmers Business Network and Farmer’s Edge help growers gather tons of data to manage their operations in order to boost yields and profitability. And the space is rapidly growing. Below we’ve gathered together six early-stage startups that we’ve never covered before that are developing and deploying IoT in agriculture solutions.

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