We often report and bring forth the very best IoT use cases and applications that we can curate.  I have found that these use cases usually fit into one of four categories of IoT deployments.  The following article, while a bit rudimentary in its approach, does a good job of defining the four basic categories that these applications would fall into.  For those organizations that are in the evaluation and planning stages of an IoT project, this is helpful tool which can guide the framework for thinking about how to ensure successful project execution and deployment.

Cloud-based Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platforms is making it possible for organizations of any size to build connected applications. These modern platforms can effortlessly deal with tens of devices to millions of devices. The self-service provisioning and pay-by-use pricing remove the barriers to IoT adoption.

As enterprises start to evaluate IoT solutions, here are four scenarios that help them jumpstart their connected devices strategy.

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