The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC), Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP), and the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) struck a deal earlier this year with Waycare, that would empower them with the ability to communicate proactively with drivers. The purpose of the deployment was to reduce the number of dangerous incidents and improve traffic flow.  This AI-based solution would also provide advanced warning of dangerous road conditions, traffic hazards and construction areas. After a year long pilot of this program, there is solid evidence of reduced driving speeds, along with a decrease in the number of accidents. Additionally, the real time data has also helped police and first responders to act more quickly to emergencies. 

An AI-led, road-safety pilot program between analytics firm Waycare and Nevada transportation agencies has helped reduce crashes along the busy I-15 in Las Vegas.

The Silicon Valley Waycare system uses data from connected cars, road cameras and apps like Waze to build an overview of a city’s roads and then shares that data with local authorities to improve road safety.

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