If you are not quite ready for a new IoT acronym, you probably will need to be rather quickly. I have been on record for awhile now writing about the the natural fusion that exists between AI and IoT. As of late, I am encountering more research and press releases referring to “AIoT”. AIoT can be loosely defined as analytics with IoT, or AI with IoT. Regardless of the definition, what is most important is that this is a concept that is being executed upon more and more lately. The story that follows does a good job of providing more details on how it is being put to work, as it refers to recent research conducted by high profile IoT industry players.

The combination of AI and analytics with Internet of Things initiatives is forging an emerging enterprise category dubbed AIoT operations.

According to a global survey, most IoT initiatives are using some form of AI as operators leverage automation to keep pace with huge data volumes and high data frequency generated by connected devices. The vendor survey released this week by analytics software specialist SAS concludes the new category is quickly outpacing traditional IoT deployments.

AIoT is defined as decision making aided by AI technologies in conjunction with connected IoT sensor, system or product data. AI technologies include deep and learning, natural language processing, voice recognition and image analysis.

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