Amazon is putting the IoT to work in the healthcare space in a new way through a program it is calling Amazon Care. The company is using IoT devices to connect participants to medical professionals online, and inperson as well. From doctor visits and prescriptions to improved real time communication, Amazon Care may be an early bellwether for the future of healthcare. The following article reports on how Amazon is making this happen in the workplace.

Of course, we already know about wearable devices people can use to track their heart rates, activity levels, fitness goals and more. In fact, some companies even incentivize employees to use those gadgets to get extra perks for being a worker who’s especially committed to their well-being.

However, Amazon is using IoT devices to give workers resources to use when they’re sick. It’s all happening through their new program called Amazon Care.

Amazon Care is an extension of a traditional health insurance plan. The company is currently piloting it for some of its Seattle employees. People are eligible if they work at Amazon or are a dependant of someone who does, are enrolled in health insurance offered by the brand and work in one of the areas where the program is available.

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