At IoT Sources, we stay constantly on lookout for compelling use cases.  Like you, we are especially interested in use cases that are transferable across industries, mainly because they make good business sense.  The following article describes how a municipal power company used IoT technology to improve productivity, increase efficiency and deliver better customer experience.  Best of all, the deployment appears to be fully accretive due to the inherent cost savings that were realized.  This is another excellent example of a project that moved past the proof-of-concept stage and into the real world.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, last year U.S. electric utilities had about 70.8 million Advanced (smart) Metering Infrastructure (AMI) installations. About 88 percent of the AMI installations were residential customer installations. This data includes AMI meters that measure and record electricity usage at a minimum of hourly intervals and provide information automatically to both the utility and the utility customer at least once a day. AMI installations range from basic hourly interval meters to real-time meters with built-in, two-way communication capable of recording and transmitting instantaneous data.

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