The IoT is playing an ever-increasing role in improving customer experience in a variety of industries in today’s digital economy. Companies are finding more and more new options for delivering great experiences by learning how to listen  better to their customers – digitally. By listening more intently they are able to glean deeper insights from customers in real time.  This enables brands to improve everything from future products, to differentiating features and services, to making offers interactively. The article that follows provides good examples of this, along with some interesting market research on customer experience. 

With the increase in customer expectations, companies are working harder every day to make Customer Experience (CX) better, and investing in delivering simple, fast and enjoyable experiences.

Paul Papas, a global leader of IBM Interactive Experience once said wisely, “The last best experience that anyone has anywhere becomes the minimum expectation for the experiences they want everywhere.”

Voice-based assistants like Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence (AI), are revolutionizing the way CX is delivered digitally, and with the growth of the IoT many companies are pivoting to services provided to enhance their connected products, making it simple and intuitive to ask questions, get technical support, and otherwise get the optimal value out of their smart TV, smart refrigerator and smart cars.

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