The Internet of Things is not only making cities smarter, it is making them greener too.  And greener in more ways than one.  The City of San Leandro is employing IoT technologies to improve energy use, create renewable energy resources and conserve its use of water.  They are even using IoT technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions  Best yet, all these IoT-based improvements are paying for themselves as a result of the savings they’re creating in the process.  

In California, officials in the City of San Leandro are making big changes—and counting on high-speed networking and the IoT—to convert their town from being just another San Francisco Bay Area suburb to a connected smart city. Officials have adamantly made it a priority to use IoT technology to become a smart city, one that connects the community to informative data, makes tech-centric improvements to existing regional infrastructure and increases the percentage of citywide use of renewable energy.

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