Most consumer sensors focus on a performing a single purpose. Fitbit primarily targets fitness and helping users attain their activity-related health goals. Home sensors tend to also have singular task focus like switching on lights, monitoring and managing temperature and so on. With an estimated 500 billion connected devices expected by 2025, it made me wonder at what point does the sensor become more versatile in collecting all sorts of data while the application layer determines what data to focus on for what purpose? After all, as a consumer, I would much rather purchase one sensor yet use an app to control the tasks most important to me (which changes all of the time too.)

I get to ponder this question no longer.

A company called BioSensics has launched a Kickstarter project to raise funds to develop “CliQ” a versatile smart sensor that empowers consumers to automate, track, and improve life. According to BioSensics , “CliQ can transform virtually any object into a smart device, so you can take advantage of truly personalized automation.” The company further stated,

BioSensics’ technologies include innovative solutions for aging-in-place, telehealth, chronic disease management, stroke, physical therapy, and rehabilitation,” Barchard said. “Our first consumer product, CliQ, is a versatile smart sensor that empowers users to form healthier habits, safeguard what matters, and control the smart home”

So far its Kickstarter project has exceeded it’s goal while not even being half way through the campaign time frame. Clearly, like me, consumers have an interest in a single IoT sensor that can empower multiple applications.

I think this is a space to watch as this particular product goes to market in mid to late 2018. I think there is a market for a versatile IoT sensor that helps reduce the angst among consumers in finding the right sensor that fits their needs while also helping consumers adapt to their changing priorities for their connected digital lifestyle.

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