Multiple IoT deployment assessments have uncovered that developing a clear business case as an important success factor. One necessary step of an effective business case is creating a design architect for the overall IoT solution. Questions around what your organization expects to accomplish, what does success look like and what use cases are being solved, should guide the design process. If your organization can effectively capture the specific outcomes expected to be achieved, an IoT solution can be architected to achieve them.

A recent article at provides four scenarios to help prepare your connected device strategy.  I like to think about these scenarios as layers of a cake. It starts simple, connecting devices, and builds up into remote monitoring and control and unto various levels of business intelligence. At each layer, there is a myriad of critical decisions involving hardware and software options, providers, security, and connectivity. With a clear business case established, the decision-making will become much more effective for ensuring your organization generates the outcomes it expects.

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