Microsoft’s .NET platform is rapidly emerging as the de facto standard platform for IoT development. Amazon, eBay, Dell, Accenture, and many other tech giants work with .NET due to its versatility and performance. .NET has been in existence for quite some time. Its longevity has only entrenched it further. As such, it has become more ubiquitous and in turn, more popular. Its development services and advanced toolset combined with its open-source approach and strong community support make the .NET platform a highly preferred environment for creating IoT applications. The following article outlines five key advantages of why it is the right platform for IoT app development.

Roughly 10 years ago, when the Internet of Things (IoT) was in its infancy, only a small number of enthusiasts were exploring IoT development. Today, people are increasingly interested in IoT; some build their own IoT devices to use at home, while others use the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to improve the effectiveness of manufacturing facilities.

The massive interest in building IoT devices in addition to the availability of different components has prompted the development of various platforms for creating IoT solutions. Some of these platforms are obsolete, while others are actively used today.

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