This past Thursday, Google announced their launch of an application created specifically for the deaf and hard of hearing that would run on Android devices. As a result  Android phones will now be able to listen and identity 10 different important sounds locally on the device. If one of these predetermined sounds is detected, the phone will offer an alert by vibrating to let the user know that a certain sound is occurring that might need their attention. The article that follows provides more details on how this machine learning application actually works. 

Google on Thursday rolled out a new feature for Android designed to alert people with hearing loss about “critical household sounds” such as appliances beeping, water running and dogs barking. Sound Notifications will send a push notification, trigger a flash from your camera light or cause your phone to vibrate to grab your attention. While the feature is focused on helping people who are deaf or hard of hearing, it can also be helpful for people wearing earplugs or headphones, Google says

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