While Agile methodology has been around for a while now in the software development space, the prevalence of the IoT is helping create new opportunities for applying Agile principles. The basic principles behind Agile essentially drive faster delivery of meaningful products at every small cycle of development. Agile methodology is iterative. It divides the phases of overall development into smaller pieces of incremental development. Each phase undergoes continual iteration until the product finally meets customer expectations. The article that follows does a good job of breaking down these principles in detail, while also describing how it can accelerate IoT product development. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of smart devices that interact with each other through the internet. IoT may involve many devices that share a network and generate, transmit, and process information with each other to effect a useful action. For example, with IoT, you can control your door lock with your mobile phone, adjust your lighting according to your moods automatically, and so much more. IoT, in simple terms, means the intelligent interactions of smart devices to make your life brighter.

Now, let’s look at the Agile framework. Agile is a set of principles that guided the software development industry in the past decade. The coming of blockchain, big data, IoT and other new technologies has opened new possibilities for Agile. Currently, it’s witnessing renewed opportunities in the management of the project at all levels.

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