Would you believe that the IoT has given birth to a new form of bracelet called a “Magicband”? MagicBands are the rubber bracelets given to patrons at Disney World to provide an amazing interactive customer experience. They come in all sorts of colors and designs, with the rarest ones being highly collectible. The bracelets are connected with sensors all over the parks that stream real-time data about what the guests are doing and when they are doing it. Sensors can be found in the most unexpected places at Disney World, even underneath paper drink cups that can control the number of times the cup can be refilled. In a nutshell, the MagicBands and sensors turn each park into a giant CPU. The article that follows tells the full story about many of the neat applications that Disney has created using IoT-based technology.

Disney’s theme parks are famous for being magical places and when its colossal complex in Florida swings open its ornate iron gates again next month it will only take a few minutes for guests to feel like sorcerers.

Just days before Walt Disney World Resort unexpectedly closed due to the coronavirus there seemed to be magic in the air.

In the fairytale-themed Magic Kingdom park one guest near the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction waved his hand over a rusty-looking cannon. As if by magic, smoke billowed out of it as it appeared to fire at a bell across the path which rang loudly causing bystanders to look around in bewilderment.

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