Experts are discovering that Machine Learning can assist in predicting exactly how hurricanes will behave. While ML has been helpful in improving the overall accuracy of hurricane warnings, the machine learning model could prove to also be better at providing real-time details on a hurricane’s progression. The hope is that this information could actually be brought right to the consumer level by actually offering a view of the hurricane’s path. The following story provides more details about how machine learning can assist in developing more accurate modeling.

Deploying machine learning to hurricane prediction ensembles could lower errors and improve medium-term (four to six-day) forecasts. That’s according to a new study by researchers at Penn State’s Institute for Computational and Data Sciences, the developers of the model.

Essentially, the model is able to recognize patterns in the ensembles, while removing certain groups that are erroneous. Through this, forecasters are able to understand the hurricane’s path and potential far before the event, potentially saving homes and lives.

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