A safety revolution is now underway thanks to IoT and IIoT connected end point devices. There are real world examples of this in the industrial sector everywhere from the loading dock to the plant floor. Those facilities that have already invested in IIoT are seeing the ROI in the form of numerous safety benefits. Many industrial and manufacturing companies are now following suit by investing in the right IIoT technology to protect their organization’s most precious assets – their workers. The article that follows does an excellent job of citing areas and applications that are making for a safer and smarter workplace.

In an industrial and commercial world that keeps speeding up to match the soaring expectations of consumers, it is critical that safety is not left behind as operational efficiencies increase. Studies have recently linked the increasing speeds of fulfillment with working injuries—particularly in high-tech warehouses and distribution centers. Despite widespread efforts from senior management and facility managers, there is still room for improvement when it comes to industrial safety and injury prevention.

Facility managers are increasingly looking for ways to proactively address potential safety issues, instead of merely reacting to accidents that might cause harm to employees. The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates more than 4.6 million workplace injuries occur in the United States each year, which equates to one injury every seven seconds.1 The NSC projects that more than $161 billion in annual costs are associated with these injuries in the U.S.2 Therefore, investing in technologies allows companies to reduce risk and allow employees to return home safely to their families, which is top priority for any organization.

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