Advances in technology have proven over time that they continually improve both the quality of education as well as overall access to it. No technology has had a more prolific impact on education than the internet. It has brought the concept of distance learning to life. No longer is it uncommon to earn a college degree online. Fast forward to today and we can see that technology is now transforming the traditional teacher-student dynamic. And it’s the IoT that is playing the integral role in this transformation. The article below describes some of these changes and also how the internet of things is driving many of them. 

An education is the single most powerful tool we have at our disposal. By educating more people in a better manner, we can drive greater positive social and technological change, and, therefore, create a more prosperous future. It’s important that we constantly strive to enhance education in terms of quality and access. And if we ought to increase quality and access to education, how can the Internet of Things—or IoT—be of help?

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