Establishing the right organizational culture can make all the difference in the world when deploying IoT-based initiatives. We see this where a top down commitment to the IoT is made starting at the executive level. Executing on IoT projects becomes significantly easier when the entire organization has bought into the concept of putting the IoT to work. The technology is there for all to leverage, but having the right mindset is the key to making it all happen. In an original post that I authored for IoT Times, I detail the attributes that are necessary to build the right culture for success.    

The pace for enterprises to figure out how to leverage the power of the Internet of Things is picking up steam. The promise of increased productivity, greater efficiencies, newly tapped data streams and immediate cost savings via IoT implementations are compelling. And while these benefits are certainly intriguing, actually accomplishing them presents a legitimate challenge for many organizations. The reason for this is an Internet of Things strategy requires not only the incorporation of new technologies, but also a new mindset about business processes and collaboration.

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