IIoT projects can be a double edged sword. While they can help create significant opportunities for organizations, they can present some serious challenges at this same time. IIoT innovators and early adopters will experience the first mover rewards that comes with their new business technology creation and adoption.  Those organizations that wait to implement IIoT will be best served to do proper planning by schooling off the previous knowledge gleaned from the innovator/early adopter crowd. By doing so, they will know what to look for – and plan on. The article that follows details some of the things to consider before building an IIoT solution.

As the Internet of Things begins to hit its stride, Industrial IoT also continues to gain momentum and market adoption.

The opportunities for IIoT to provide business benefits are scaling massively right now. The ultimate aim in any IIoT initiative is to unify every “thing” – solutions, enterprises, or customers –  under a common infrastructure.

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The maturation and adoption of IIoT is great news, but like anything new, questions and needs can surface. What will be the effect of IIoT on the environment, on society or on the economy?  The next few years of market adoption will tell the tale. From a business perspective integration of IIoT solutions can trigger some serious challenges:

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