It is relatively safe to say that at the core of the Industry 4.0 movement is the total digitalization of manufacturing facilities. In all fairness though, this could refer to many things. Everything from the deployment and/or redeployment of industrial hardware, to investing in new technologies, to incorporating the use of innovative software could be considered part of this movement. The fact is, this notion does not require entire enterprise-wide system overhauls, but more so a new and different mindset. The article that follows describes how this new mindset could go a long way in executing on an Industry 4.0 strategy.

In the recently published article “Is Industry 4.0 a Pipe Dream?”, author Claudia Jarrett explores the topic of the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, or better yet, Industry 4.0, and how the ideas and visions around what this emerging industry could potentially come to realize one day are indeed exciting, they remain mostly theoretical. This is because to actually bring about change requires planning, cultural change, and new technology.

All of this begs the obvious question: Is industry 4.0 a pipedream?

Well, let’s start with the basics. In order for Industry 4.0 to truly be realized, manufacturing facilities must first be digitalized. This, of course, refers to the incorporation of industrial hardware, inventing of new technology, and implementation of innovative software.

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