Arrayent, BugLabs, and MachineShop were all named as IDC Innovators in the Internet of Things platforms market for 2016.  According to IDC,

“The IoT platform, at its most basic level, is the middleware that connects endpoints to applications, enterprise backend systems, and analytics tools. However, the IoT platform is much more complicated than that because it provides device management, connectivity management, application enablement/management, visualization tools and, in some cases, analytics functionality – and in most cases, no one vendor provides all of these piece parts in a cohesive solution. The challenge for enterprises is figuring out what platform will serve their needs.”

Here’s a quick overview of each of these Internet of Things platform innovators:


IoT platform innovator

Arrayent provides an IoT cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS) designed for manufacturers of mass-market consumer home products. It is comprised of three main services that span managing devices to application development to visualization and cloud services. Teh three services are branded:

  • Connect Cloud Service
  • Insight Cloud Service
  • EcoAdaptor Cloud Service

For its EcoAdapter cloud service, Arrayent has interoperability with many services including Nest Learning Thermostat, Protect Smoke/CO Detector, Amazon Echo/Alexa Custom Skills, IFTTT, Google Home, Amazon Echo/Alexa Smart Home Skills, Amazon DRS and Salesforce.


IoT Platform BugLabs

BugLabs has been pushing the boundaries of simplifying the IoT platform since 2006 by developing open source IoT solutions quickly using its simple and easy-to-use platforms including:

  1. provides easy publishing and subscribing for machines, sensors, devices, robots, and gadgets. It enables a machine and sensor data to become easily accessible through a web based RESTful API, allowing professionals to quickly make apps including public swimming pool temperature, Air quality information in a city, traffic light status or train GPS position. is free to use.
  2. freeboard enables professionals to build real-time, interactive dashboards and visualizations using a drag & drop interface. It’s available on a secure, enterprise-class its open source with Github repository and growing community of open source developers. freeboard is currently free to get started but charges a fee as a business scales.

According to BugLabs, “We not only develop and sell the industry’s most innovative M2M/IoT software, we use it everyday to build enterprise solutions for our customers.”


MachineShop is focused on being API-centric and services driven. It positions itself as “The Edge Computing Company”. MachineShop’s Edge computing platform manages critical data and device management operations at the edge – where devices are located and where data is initially generated. The platform also simplifies integration with many local applications or cloud services through RESTful APIs and standard communications protocols. MachineShop provides data and device management, integration and security across the IoT ecosystem.

Keep on eye on these IDC innovators as the growth of IoT continues to strengthen. The influx of competition will press these innovators to work harder to keep their lead in the marketplace.

Read more about the IDC Innovators.

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