IoT and Wi-Fi based technologies are being put to work in healthcare institutions in a helpful new way. Wayfinding solutions are being deployed in hospitals across the country to replace traditional building directories and maps. IoT sensors and mapping technologies are guiding patients with mobile phone apps by offering turn-by-turn directions that are guiding them to their destinations within the health complex. The article that follows provides some excellent real world examples of how this tech is being put to work in healthcare environments today

Maneuvering through 1.2 million square feet, or a space about the size of Ellis Island, is a daunting task—especially when you or someone you love is sick. That’s the size of the Orlando VA Medical Center, located on a 65-acre campus in Orange County, Florida. The expansive, multi-building campus is not uncommon, as large-scale healthcare campuses are mushrooming across the United States.

Many of these sites are like small cities and difficult to navigate. Until recently, signage and paper-based maps guided visitors to their destinations, but new mobile apps are lighting up routes and proving themselves to be much more effective for getting people from point A to point B. With friendly interfaces and the help of IoT sensors and mapping technology, patients are arriving at their appointments on time and stress free.

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