The Internet of Things has far reaching applications across all industries. In some cases, new IoT applications the ability create a capability to reduce costs while drastically increasing quality. Such is the case in the mining industry where the IoT network of sensors are gathering and transmitting environmental data about mining conditions to control environmental situations.

In a recent study titled, “The Future of IoT in Enterprise – 2017”, Market research specialist Vanson Bourne interviewed respondents from 100 large mining companies across the globe and “found that 47% of organisations identified monitoring environmental changes as their number one priority for their IoT deployments.” The research study further found, “57% of respondents from the mining sector reported that the most exciting innovation that IoT will bring to the world is improved environmental monitoring.”

This IoT application truly leverages the tremendous benefits delivered across the full scope of the Internet of Things in a powerful way to the mining industry. The IoT’s ability to deliver accurate, real-time insight and intelligence on a wide variety of data points helps remove the possibility of human error, while enabling staff to react instantly evaluate if readings breach minimum or maximum safety levels.  Even further, the IoT enables mining companies to gain better alignment with corporate social responsibility objectives and comply with government regulations.

Another excellent use the Internet of Things to transform an industry.

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