Discover Trucking and Logistics IoT Use Cases for Innovators

Whether for cutting costs, increasing efficiency, improving operational output or creating new revenue possibilities, IoT is having an expanding impact on real-world use cases within the transportation and logistics industry. An article from, defines three categories for transportation and Logistics IoT use cases including:

  • Sensing technologies:

This category represents the highest concentration of use cases such as track and trace such as using fuel sensors and GPS devices. I mentioned in an article about Retail IoT uses cases, that many retailers are already using GPS devices to track trucking shipments. These sensors capture data that feed into business intelligence systems. Product designers, business managers and developers need to understand what data is most critical to capture in order to feed the processing technologies to translate raw data into operational and business insights.

  • Processing Technologies: 

This category requires shifts within an organization towards a data-driven mindset. Capturing data through sensing technology is only step one. How that data is translated into valuable insights is the second, most critical step. Use cases in this category include: optimizing fuel usage, reduction of fuel theft, and optimizing trucking routes. Cross-referencing sensor data with third party data like weather (and of course traffic) could also lead to important insights for transportation and logistics companies.

  • New Revenue Models:

New revenue models exist specifically through service and platform offerings. Transportation and logistics companies could help build more efficient routes, manage fleets and help independent truckers gather insights to lower costs and improve maintenance.

However, deploying and expanding IoT capabilities requires more than just technological innovations. As the article states, “It means establishing of the whole set of business processes, re-structuring organization design and human capital and layering in continuous improvement.” Like other industries though, first-movers tend to grab the lion share of the market.

Do you have any IoT use cases for the transportation and logistics industry? We’d love to add to the list.

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