How can physical retailers defend their businesses against the onslaught of both emerging and evolving online retailers? The answer may be in using the very thing they are battling – the online technologies themselves.  The Internet of Things is helping retailers to help themselves by using digital technologies to improve shoppers’ brick and mortar experiences.  The following is a terrific IoT use case that has already shown tangible results.  In the first month alone, the mall has seen 700,000 unique sessions since the installation.  This has made both retailers and shoppers quite happy.    

The Mall of America is not just your average shopping mall. It is approximately 5.6 million square ft. in size, which makes finding a specific retailer a challenge for shoppers. The retail stores know that it is imperative that visitors to the Mall are able to navigate with as much ease and easy-to-access logistical information as possible. The store owners want to decrease the chances of a shopper getting lost, which will maximize purchasing time in the store.

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