Air pressure sensors have already been proven to be exceptionally useful in a variety of IoT applications. They are valuable IoT devices in almost every way, as they meet the low cost, low power consumption, and small size attributes found highly desirable in IoT sensors. Furthermore, air pressure sensors are easy to add to any existing IoT sensor configuration. The main IoT-based applications that they serve today can be found in weather forecasting and indoor asset tracking applications. The following piece describes how they work, as well as some of the more specific applications these MEMS devices empower. 

Pressure sensors are rarely seen, but their influence is often felt. Pressure sensors have a couple different applications, the most obvious of which is weather monitoring. Pressure sensors are now quite common. You probably have one in your pocket right now! Yup, your phone has one. Your phone uses a pressure sensor to assist in tracking, getting your altitude, and aiding tracking calculations. Industrial applications of these sensors include controlled lab and manufacturing environments. Pressure sensors are great for IoT applications because they can easily be incorporated into any system due to their low cost, small power consumption, and small size.

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