Autonomous transportation is rapidly becoming a reality with the ongoing advances in IoT, 5G and AI technologies. This story is about one truck driver who is able to drive two trucks at the same time by utilizing an application called Platoon Pro. The tests that occurring with Platoon Pro are producing some very promising results. So much so, that some are actually predicting that in the next five years or so we may get as many as five trucks per driver. Platoon Pro is currently legal in 22 states and is now being tested by six trucking companies. The article that follows describes more about how it actually works. 

A host of companies are working to develop autonomous driving technology, but Silicon Valley startup Peloton has put its focus on autonomous following. The company today announced technology that uses computers, sensors, and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications to allow one driver to drive two separate trucks.

Last year, Peloton began selling technology that enabled closer and safer truck platooning, using sensors, V2V communications, and automatic powertrain control and braking. That version of its product, Platoon Pro, requires a driver in the second truck to steer. The new version will take the second driver out of the equation.

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