Meet Chuck, the IoT robot. Chuck is a warehouse assistant that is helping to make warehouses operate more productively and efficiently. With its enhanced, real-time connectivity to the IoT, Chuck can make data driven decisions as it drives itself around the warehouse. Chuck is adept at navigating around obstacles and making route optimizations by using vision machine learning to better understand its environment. The case study below provides the basic details on how Chuck works. 

6 Rivers Systems created and markets a warehouse robot, which performs essential warehouse tasks from stock picking and counting to store replenishment and sorting,. The robot, called “Chuck,” is built from the same technology and sensors as self-driving vehicles.

The company has reportedly deployed Chucks in more than 25 warehouses, collectively fulfilling one million product units weekly, a figure that the company expects to grow five fold in the coming year. The challenge the company is currently addressing is enhancing Chuck’s connectivity to the Internet of Things, which promises to take intelligent logistics and warehousing to the next level, with the ability to more accurately identify supply-chain risks, prevent damaged or lost goods, and improve inventory management and forecasting accuracy. 6 River Systems needed a way to connect, manage, ingest, and analyze data from the robots to make this a reality.

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