The public sector is ripe for digital transformation through the power of the Internet of Things. As Steve Veith wrote earlier about a major push for greater IoT security, “U.S. Federal government officials have undertaken an initiative to comprehensively manage connected devices’ security.”  These initiatives and others like it focused on securing the IoT, are paving the way for local governments to aggressively pursue the benefits offered through the Internet of Things.

Although many public sector use cases of IoT implementations are available, a recent article in, listed a number of excellent examples occurring in the U.K.

  • IoT for dementia patients. This project involves using connected devices that allow clinicians to monitor their patient’s safety and well-being while they’re at home.
  • Air Quality for public safety. Through data gathered from IoT sensors, traffic and weather data, and after applying advanced analytics, decision makers are able to understand and predict air quality that drive quality improvement initiatives and trigger public safety alerts.
  • Public service improvements. Through leveraging IoT sensor data gathered from smart meters and smart traffic lights, the government can analyze citizens’ needs and can implement change quickly and effectively.
  • Real-time Public safety. By developing and deploying IoT powered surveillance technology, governments can improve citizen safety and help it tackle the rising threat of terrorism.

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