In the restaurant business, the IoT is playing a more important role every passing day. With its affordable technology and the ever increasing host of applications, restauranteurs are putting the IoT to work in numerous ways. IoT vendors and providers are developing and installing a simple set of easy-to-implement and cost-effective wireless sensors that can proactively monitor critical equipment in any size restaurant or commercial kitchen. In turn, restaurant owners and operators are seeing tangible results in a wide range of scenarios. These include remote kitchen management to reduce energy use and cost, food waste management, safe cooking environments, streamlined workflows and automated supply chain management. The article that follows does a good job of providing more depth on how these solutions are adding immediate value. 

There are many problems that can occur in a restaurant, but one problem that isn’t given enough thought is equipment failure. Food service equipment (like ovens and refrigerators) are prone to breakage, and these maintenance issues typically occur at the worst times.

Scheduled maintenance procedures can help prevent maintenance issues, but they are far from perfect. Service technicians could subject equipment to too much maintenance or not enough. Proactive monitoring is always advised, but that can prove to be extremely difficult and costly for already hardworking staff.

The time has come for restaurant managers to look strategically at the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is increasingly, and successfully, being adopted across industries to prevent machine failures, improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. More to the point, it’s also never been easier to implement IoT sensors in critical restaurant equipment.

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