When institutions of higher learning adapt futuristic thinking into their curriculum, we can safely assume they have done their research on the topic.  Recently, two Ohio Universities paired up to partner on accelerating learning and application for the Internet of Things.  Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve University have established The IoT Collaborative with the express purpose of expanding research and educational opportunities in this emerging marketplace.  Last November, a team of faculty and staff at the two institutions received a $100,000 one-year planning grant from the National Science Foundation to determine what the IoT could do for small and mid-sized businesses in several Cleveland neighborhoods.  The Universities have agreed to collaborate on research programs, research assets, cross-registered courses and community engagement.  The ultimate goal of The IoT collaborative is not only prepare future leaders to seize the opportunities inherent with IoT business technologies, but to use their applied learning out in the real world today.  

Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University have received a $1.75 million grant from the Cleveland Foundation to launch The IoT Collaborative – an effort focused on the “internet of things.”

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