Starbucks is an excellent example of a company that is an early adopter of IoT technologies. The company that deployed fleets of connected coffee machines awhile back is now using blockchain technology to track the sources of their coffee beans. The blockchain initiative enables consumers see where their beans came from, while at the same time also allows farmers to see where in the Starbuck’s ecosystem their beans end up. Starbucks has been tracing its beans from the farm for years, but this new application takes the transparency aspect to a whole new dimension for both consumers and suppliers. The story that follows explains in more detail. 

The coffee giant is seeking greater customer satisfaction by using blockchain technology to create transparency. The Starbucks blockchain would enable its customers to trace their coffee. Launched yesterday, Starbucks customers across the US can use a code on the bag to find more information about their coffee. Some of the information includes where the beans came from, where they were roasted and the brewing tips from baristas.

However, this latest development is not limited to customers alone. According to Michelle Burns,Senior Vice President of Starbucks, farmers will receive a reverse code that would allow them to track their produce.

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