Sometimes the best opportunity to collaborate is right in front of us. Recently, STMicroelectronics and Air Liquide announced a strategic partnership to develop a cutting edge IIoT solution together. Each organization will derive something of great benefit, even though these benefits differ significantly from one another. ST will obtain invaluable experience by creating technologies that will fuel enterprise-wide IoT. On the flip-side, Air Liquide hopes to become a pioneer in the industrial digital transformation space. The article below provides the details of the partnership, and provides more info about each organization’s desired outcomes. 

STMicroelectronics will help Air Liquide to implement industrial internet of things (IIoT) solutions for operational activities such as asset tracking and management, predictive maintenance, and cybersecurity.

The two invoked “digital transformation,” a buzzword that encapsulates the implementation of technologies like the IoT to enable operational improvements in a wide variety of different processes. Industrial automation is one such outcome of digital transformation. The challenge for many organizations is in the practical knowledge of how to implement such systems.

Air Liquide has been supplying ST with industrial gases and materials for over 30 years; the company is one of ST’s top 10 suppliers. In this partnership, ST will develop the technology solution while Air Liquide effectively provides the testing ground within its global operations and network. Since Air Liquide is a very large industrial company, it provides an ideal environment to illustrate the needs of large industrial OEMs in all key areas of the supply chain.

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