At IoT Sources, we have written multiple times about the IoT deployment barriers less associated with technology and more with people and organizational dynamics. Data continues to support this assertion. Most recently, an 800 respondent web-based survey conducted by 451 Research titled, “Voice of the Enterprise.” In general, the results clearly identified a disconnect between IT and operational technology (OT) stakeholders when it comes to the IoT.

Here are a few key highlights from the survey uncovering the IT and OT relationship struggles:

  • Only 34%  of OT respondents reported they, “cooperate closely with IT” on IoT projects, from conception to operation.
  • 12% of OT respondents stated they are in “active conflict” with IT over who should control IoT programs. However, only three percent of IT respondents felt the same way. This could indicate IT feels so confident of being in control they ignore any conflict or the organizational culture doesn’t provide any control flexibility in favor of OT.
  • 44% of OT and 46% of IT respondents said they work together on IoT projects as needed.

Most critically, 451 stated,

“New operational efficiencies and data-analytics capabilities are driving successful projects; however, many IoT projects face roadblocks in the trial stage due to the IT and OT divide, and budget, staff, and ROI concerns.”

451 also noted that the differing positions of IT and OT staff create many challenges especially as IT staff are being asked to set aside their role of “keeping the lights on” to become more business-centric. Both professional development and cross-functional collaboration are forcing IT staff to adopt new skills beyond the comfort of technical knowledge.

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