There are a number of industries that lead the pack with regard to adopting IoT initiatives. On the flip side there are others that are not as quick to embrace new ideas and emerging technologies. The construction industry is one of these industries that has traditionally been slow in incorporating new technologies. One area of construction that the IoT is seeing a contribution is in concrete curing monitoring. Companies that are adopting the technology for this specific application are experiencing marked improvements in productivity, efficiency and safety. The article that follow tells an interesting story and serves up a solid use case. 

Construction has one of the worst lag times when it comes to embracing new ideas. This lethargy is due to complexity, the high-risks as well as the conservative character of construction companies. Despite all these barriers, new technologies have proven to have a tremendously beneficial effect on the overall performance, productivity, safety and efficiency in this industry. It’s essential for contractors to consider the Internet of Things (IoT) devices for concrete works at their job sites.

“IoT” refers to The Internet of Things, and in its simplistic form, it is the connection of devices through the internet. Cellphones, computers and wearable technology to cars, homes, appliances and field sensors all make up IoT when connected through a giant network. Below is a summary of the benefits of IoT in concrete maturity monitoring.

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