What makes the Internet of Things such a compelling item on our business technology agendas is its ability to transform traditional tasks and applications.  It is our belief at IoT Sources that tasks and applications that are being modernized in one industry can often times offer applied learning that translates well to another industry.  We sourced the following article for this reason.  The  IoT is creating efficiencies, increasing productivity and empowering a smarter workforce in the Aviation industry.  These benefits that the civil aviation industry is experiencing are positively impacting the Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) efforts of carriers and their partners.  Better yet, using the IoT has also compressed time to market as well as improved customer experience.  The article reveals three specific areas that the IoT is transforming in the aircraft MRO part of the industry today.

Much speculation has gone into the importance and benefits of the Internet of Things and how it can impact how we live and work. As the debate rages on regarding IoT’s potential impact, various industries have already seen many opportunities with the IoT.  Civil aviation for one has positively benefited from the application of the IoT. IoT maximizes efficiency across the industry; from organizing tools to machines and people. And with an industry as asset-intensive as civil aviation, there’s no doubt that the IoT will continue to benefit the civil aviation industry.

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