The state of California just enacted their privacy law. There are a slew of efforts though, that are currently being conducted that would significantly reframe it by passing a new law that could go into effect in 2023. The ultimate passage of the new law is still in question at this time. What is fascinating is the number of individuals and groups that are lobbying for support of their interests with respect to this new law. The article that follows does an outstanding job of reporting exactly what these interests are and what they would mean for constituents should they be enacted.

The last time Alastair Mactaggart tried to write the rules on internet privacy in California, tech giants like Facebook, Google and Microsoft mostly ignored him and then tried to crush him — spending millions of dollars in a fight that ultimately led to the passage of the California Consumer Privacy Act.

No one’s ignoring him now.

In late September, the real estate developer turned privacy champion unveiled a draft of a second California privacy measure, one he says is aimed at blocking lobbyists’ attempts to gut the first one. The announcement stunned the tech community and set off a mad dash of lobbying efforts — what Mactaggart estimates were hundreds of calls and meetings with everyone from constitutional lawyers to privacy advocates to regulators to labor groups to executives from Google, Facebook and other tech giants.

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