There is one IoT trend that I foresee in 2020 that just might trump all of the other 2020 IoT trends combined. The 2020 trend that I am referring to is not new, however it is coming of age – and it is coming quickly. Artificial intelligence is catching on like wildfire in all types and sizes of organizations today. And if artificial intelligence is the speeding bullet train coming at us, then IoT is the third rail providing the electricity that is powering it.

All one has to do is look at the flurry of activity that has begun to swarm around artificial intelligence. Recently we have witnessed major acquisitions in the AI space. This past Monday, Intel announced it was acquiring Israel-based startup Habana Labs in a $2 billion deal. This comes only a few years after they acquired AI startup Nervana Systems, and Movidius, which is a computer-vision startup subsumed that same year. Apple has made a series of buyouts of companies mostly specializing in facial recognition and AI-based security. Google has also bought up a number of AI companies, mainly in the customer-service and computer vision space.

It is evident that progressive company leaders are quickly recognizing the potential that the combination of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things portends. This fusion has very recently become known as the Artificial Intelligence of Things, or AIoT. According to a recent IDC study of 450 business leaders, AIoT is making inroads in many organizations at a much faster pace than expected. Many respondents in the study reported that their AIoT initiatives were already generating results. Some respondents went so far as to state that they did not think they could compete in their respective marketplaces effectively without using AIoT. While not that long ago it appeared that IoT and AI were separately walking parallel paths, this is no longer the case as these paths have crossed now and for good.

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