At, the team is continually looking for use cases on how industries and companies are putting the IoT to work. The most exciting use cases stem from traditional industries like wineries and mining where the Internet of Things is transforming the way these industries conduct business. 

Today’s IoT use case spans across industries and emerges from what many would label a stodgy department within organizations – workplace safety. The IoT is having an extraordinary impact on workplace safety and transforming this critical internal business service.  

From wearables and smart personal protective equipment to mobile devices, safety leaders are leveraging mobility and IoT to collect sensor data on how employees are working and to analyze this data to make changes to their workplace safety programs. By leveraging the IoT sensor data, safety professionals can identify previously unknown safety risks and take proactive measures to avoid, minimize or mitigate them going forward. New efforts to reduce worker compliance claims and incident reporting while also reducing risks and their associated costs. 

For example, IoT solutions are being used to help identify when employees are distracted or drowsy in real time and take measures to prevent injuries before they happen based on predictive analytics. These advancements are particularly useful for workers performing repetitive work or highly technical work that requires attention to detail. Companies are making strategic investments in predictive analytics and developing partnerships with various wearables and IoT solutions to ensure environmental, health and safety professionals leverage all of this information to drive continuous improvement across their operations.

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