As events begin to return to pre-pandemic capacity levels, almost all venues are looking to help reduce safety concerns in order to increase attendance. Applications from mobile concession ordering to crowd analysis that are powered by the IoT are helping both venues and fans transition to the return to normalcy. There are three companies that have already brought solutions of this nature to market. The following article does an excellent job of serving up the details of how and where they work.

Sports fans and concert-goers can now get concessions and merchandise delivered to them right in their seats. No waiting in long lines, no missing the action, and no climbing over other people during the event. As spectators venture back into arenas, new technologies make it easy for fans to enjoy the event and purchase items simultaneously.

People are gearing up for the return of large-scale, live stadium events, but they still have some safety concerns. A survey by Oracle Food and Beverage found that 48 percent of consumers would feel safer if their food were delivered to their seats, and 51 percent indicated they would pay a premium for that service.

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