WaterIQ Technologies Sentinel AIQ reliably and continuously defends water against algae and plays an essential part in restoring our water to its natural state. Sentinel AIQ is ready to defend water against algae while helping preserve everything else that is right. This is the industry’s next-generation solar-powered ultrasonic floating algae remediation solution. While some might only see a buoy affixed with sophisticated technology and onboard solar power, we know it to be a loyal defender. It is a reliable, battle-tested, always on guard, fully equipped system, with an onboard laboratory, ready to eliminate algae threats and play its role in water restoration.

The standard Sentinel AIQ includes the WaterIQ Technologies’ Base Camp™ flotation system, a Pulsar 4000 ultrasonic remediation appliance, a solar panel to provide power, and onboard IoT and telemetry. The Sentinel AIQ+ adds a water quality monitoring system featuring IoT connected field sensors that can test for:

– Blue-Green Algae

– Chlorophyll A

– Conductivity

– Dissolved Oxygen

– pH

– Temperature

– Turbidity

The Pulsar 4000 is a 360° coverage appliance equipped with more than 2000 frequencies making it well suited to treat large reservoirs and lakes.

– Green algae coverage 150 meters radially (17 acres)

– Blue-green algae coverage 400 meters radially (120 acres)

– Onboard Telemetry and IoT systems capture and transmit operating status to remote monitoring crews, and when water quality monitoring is enabled, vital sensor data is transferred to the Cloud where it can be retrieved and analyzed on any web device, equipping staff with real-time data and configurable dashboards to help monitor water health.

– Advanced construction materials such as Sharklet™ prevent bacteria and algae from attaching to the equipment, thereby prolonging uptime and decreasing operating costs.

– A bird deflector helps maintain long system life and less chance of disruption of operations.

WaterIQ Technologies believes that chemicals are not the answer. Unlike chemicals, ultrasound technology is not harsh or harmful to other forms of plants and aquatic life. Chemicals can require continuous applications and thus require manpower, storage, and handling to apply. Many of the world’s water treatment plants are challenged with retaining staff. WaterIQ Sentinel AIQ is designed to be a standalone system, with electricity provided by a high-power solar panel and requiring little manual intervention.


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