Combining the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with edge computing creates an entirely new opportunity for real-time data analytics. It provides the type of data analytics that opens the possibility of predictive maintenance. The question is whether many enterprises are ready for real-time analytics.

A recent interview with Jason Andersen, VP of business line management for infrastructure availability at Stratus Technologies was conducted by Mr. Andersen highlighted four phases industrial enterprises fall into with their capacity to implement real-time analytics. These phases included (1) informed, (2) insightful, (3) intelligent and (4) invisible.  Although most enterprises today occupy the first phase, informed, some are pushing further into phases two and three.

As a non-technologist, I view success when any technology operates in the background, in other words, it’s invisible. Mr. Andersen’s last phase, “invisible” captures my sentiment also held by many OT professionals. He stated, “technologies that are operationally simple and autonomous will be a must. With a lack of IT staff in these locations, due to either OT professionals being the ones managing the equipment or a zero-touch environment with no people there are all, systems should be pre-configured and self-maintaining, with automated IT administrative tasks happening in the background.”

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