We know that the advantages that the Internet of Things can bring to the commercial world are increasing by the day. What is becoming more compelling in this regard is the ease of implementation, as well as the number of enterprises that are now implementing IoT-based solutions. These can add real value to an organization by addressing problems, including efficiency, compliance, safety and customer engagement. The article that follows describes in detail five ways that the IoT can help business entities.    

Some of the current applications of the Internet of Things feel more trivial than others. Humans have been outrunning each other for a hundred thousand years without the aid of internet-connected sneakers, for instance. And using telephones to close the blinds in our homes often feels like more, not less, work.

But commercial IoT is a different beast. It’s distinct from consumer IoT and arrives with different challenges and a separate set of benefits and opportunities. Here’s a look at five of them.

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