IoT and AI technology adoption was accelerating rapidly well before the pandemic arrived. As a result of COVID-19 though, large enterprises are finding these technologies to be a crucial health and safety resource. As these workplace safety deployments and solutions continue to proliferate, the public sector has begun taking notice of many of the ways these can be used to ensure better public health and safety. The post that follows shares seven ways in which IoT and AI are being implemented to provide safer common areas for everyone through improved methods for social distancing. 

The past year has been a proving ground for tech. In the face of the pandemic, nearly all aspects of society had to adjust, putting the spotlight on technology’s capacity to support those changes. For the most part, things like the IoT and AI have done an impressive job.

Almost a year into the pandemic, COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly. While vaccines have started rolling out, most states have social distancing guidelines in place still. It’s still crucial to stay safe and healthy, and smart tech is making that easier. Here are a few ways it’s doing just that:

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