When it comes to the Internet of Things, we tend to think of end points as hardware based devices. In reality, end points can be defined as anything that can collect data. For instance, images that are gathered, read and stored can be applied to an algorithm, and as such used as data points that can then be analyzed and interpreted. This is a perfect example of Artificial Intelligence, and how AI is a key enabler of IoT initiatives. The article below references how Amazon is using Artificial Intelligence to not just enter new markets, but how to create a whole new market entirely. I can safely predict that as the IoT marketplace matures, Artificial Intelligence will play a more integral role in driving IoT deployments, especially in and around applications focused on Deep Learning. 

Amazon isn’t synonymous with high fashion yet, but the company may be poised to lead the way when it comes to replacing stylists and designers with ever-so-chic AI algorithms.

Read the full story on MIT Technology Review

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