At the heart of the Internet of Things is data collection, data communications and data analysis at a massive scale. The estimates for the number of connected devices by 2025 is expected to reach into the billions.

Connected Devices by 2025

Concurrently, as more IoT devices connect, the volume of data collected grows exponentially. According to Cisco, “by 2019, Cisco expects IoT devices to be generating 507.5 zettabytes of data annually (the analyst estimates the world’s collective internet usage only hit 1 zettabyte in September 2016). These incredibly massive data collection creates an almost limitless number of potential insights – but also complicates the challenges with managing big data. Evolution of the Internet of Things is ultimately a major driver of AI and machine learning adoption. With gigantic data streams flowing from connected devices, AI and machine learning are practically mandatory for quickly converting data into insights that drives better outcomes.

An article at provides four examples of how IoT, AI and machine learning are working together today to generate new insights.

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